Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Angel Has Her Wings

There is so much I could say about Ruth Saint Fleur (or Ruthie as I like to call her). I honestly do not know where to being. I met her so long ago and we quickly became friends. In and around New York club scene party hopping. I remember we would get dressed at my house and she would show me awesome ways to put together my old outfits with a new flair. That girl has always had an eye for fashion and has been formatting forever. I do not know where she got it from perhaps it was indeed a blessing from God but she can turn scape into the hottest thing popping. We would go from club to club just dancing to the music. It was always about the music. People would always compliment her on what she was wearing and she never mind telling them that she made it and how she made it. He love and passion for things artistic was so beautiful. I remember when we lived together. It really seemed like just yesterday. She lived with me three separate times all for long periods. I never mind. I truly enjoyed her company. She was my voice of reason at times and it only took her one sentence to relay logic with my ability to fully understand the message. I never knew about thrifting before Ruthie came along. We would go on daylong journeys spending hours in the theft store looking for awesome buys. She always knew my personality so if she saw something extraordinarily me she would indeed grab it. Ruthie inspired my vintage style that I still occasionally embrace it. She knew I love old black and white movies and would helped put together a wardrobe that inspired old Hollywood glamour. That girl never questioned me! She would just come along only crazy adventures through New York City. I guess I entertained her a bit with my quirkiness and she never judged me. However, she did indeed have a vision. She was destined to be the top fashion designer of the universe. She would meticulously show for materials and she began putting together a collection I do not know how to quite spell it but it was "Jevons Elise". She never let anything get in her way and always stayed positive In addition, through the years she acquired a rather swanky vintage collection. Which she sold on various sites. This past January she asked me to help edit her blog and to help brand it. Humanity is beautiful is just not a blog it is a cause. Ruthie saw beauty in everything. I will try my best to keep her to make her dreams come true. Sleep well my Fashion Princess


  1. Awww I will keep her in my prayers!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me? The Chic Cupcake

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